Sāmoa Journal of Theology (SJT)

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Editorial Board

Rev Dr Vaitusi Nofoaiga (Principal of Malua Theological College, Samoa)
Professor Mark G Brett (University of Divinity, Australia)
Professor Vernon K Robbins (Emory University, Atlanta, USA)
Professor Keith Dyer (University of Divinity, Australia)
Associate Professor Matt Tomlinson (Australian National University)
Professor Malama Meleisea (National University of Samoa)
Professor Paul Trebilco (Otago University, Aotearoa New Zealand)
Professor Mark Henrickson (Massey University, Aotearoa New Zealand)
Dr Christina Petterson (Australian National University)
Dr Angela Sawyer (University of Divinity, Australia)
Rev Dr Jione Havea (Charles Sturt University, Australia)
Rev Dr Samasoni Moleli (Malua Theological College, Samoa)



Articles for Inaugural Publication

  1. The Gracious Torah of Christ in the Gospel of Matthew Rev Dr Vaitusi Nofoaiga
  2. O se vaaiga i le Talafaasolopito o Samoa, i se lagolago ma se fesoasoani a le Ekalesia i le tau-amataga o le fauina o le Malo o Samoa Rev Dr Vaitusi Nofoaiga
  3. The dead and land in the Old Testament: A perspective of land and land rights from the work of the dead in Samoa Rev Makesi Neemia
  4. Salvation: A Gift to be received through Faith Alone Rev Dr Taipisia Leilua
  5. Climate Change: Un-creating God’s Creation in Genesis 1:1-10 Rev Dr Arthur Wulf
  6. Three-Dimensional Triangular roles of the Samoan Minister: Faifeau (Minister), Social Worker, Counsellor Rev Dr Alesana Pala’amo
  7. The Politics of Divine Names in Chronicles Rev Dr Samasoni Moleli
  8. The Political Unconscious and the Book of Haggai: Tensions, Conflicts, and Resolutions Rev Dr Malutafa Faalili
  9. Weeping Together at Jesus’ Feet in Luke 7:38: A Theological Rejoinder to the Plight of Mothers and Children of Samoa Rev Olive Samuelu
  10. ‘Faiā Model’: Including People with Physical Disabilities Rev Filemoni Crawley
  11.  Talafā Model: A Pastoral Care approach to revisit the practice of Tausiga o Faifeau in the Congregational Christian Church Samoa (CCCS) today Rev Kara Ipiniu
  12. Feagaiga and Faafeagaiga: Tracing Roots and its Implications Tutoatasi Toalima
  13. The EFKS and the World of Reason/ Science Clarke Stowers
  14. Who gets the credit from Oral History researches-the researchers or the researched? Leuelu Setu
  15. Fa’asinomaga: A Samoan Christian Perception of Caring for Nature Esera Esera

Guide and Information for Authors


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