Malua College, Upolu, Samoa

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On the 24th September 1844, Rev. George Turner and Rev. Charles Hardie of the London Missionary Society founded Malua Theological College. “For Jesus and His Church” became the vision of the College that continues today, a statement that summarises and captures the inherent and underpinning purpose of the College.

Discussions concerning the establishment of the College began in 1840, when the need for an educational institution to develop educated ministers became evident. Yet it was not until February 1844 that a formal agreement was reached to establish such an institution. In September of the same year the College was officially founded. According to Turner, the College was established for the sole purpose of providing an educated minister for each congregation in Samoa and in other island communities of the Pacific.

A permanent site for the College was secured in the district of Saleimoa in an area known as Maluapapa or Malua as it is commonly known today. This location is situated approximately twenty kilometres west of the capital of Apia, and roughly the same distance east of the Faleolo International Airport.

Fale Iupeli (Jubilee Hall) was built and opened in 1897 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the College. This monumental building for worship became a permanent and notable feature of the College campus. However, after 116 years of service to the College and the CCCS, the building was dismantled in 2013, after the General Assembly’s Resolution to build a new Fale Iupeli. In November 2014, the College completed and dedicated its larger Chapel, now known as Iupeli II, which was constructed using material from the original Fale Iupeli. Iupeli II is the current centre of community worship that accommodates the MTC community including some of its neighbouring families.
Fale Senetenari (Centenary Hall) was built in 1944 to commemorate one hundred years since the College began. It still continues to cater for the College other activities.

During the first week of the 2017 General Assembly, the grand splendid new Fale Iupeli was officially dedicated. MTC uses it for its Graduations and other services from time to time.
Interest grew towards the formation of a conference of all Pacific Churches in the region that eventually led to a meeting held in 1961 at Malua, of various church leaders from the Pacific region. The formation of the Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC) resulted from this inaugural meeting, as well as the establishment of a regional theological institution. The Pacific Theological College (PTC) was then opened in Fiji in 1966, and since then has had a close relationship with Malua graduates who pursue further studies at PTC towards a Bachelor of Divinity or a Master of Theology degree. Since 1969, many of these PTC graduates have returned to Malua as lecturers at the College.
The academic standard of the College is reported to have been significantly raised by Dr. John Bradshaw when he was principal of the College from 1956 to 1963. Dr. Bradshaw not only introduced new subjects such as Psychology, Pastoral Counselling, Homiletics and Greek into the curriculum, but he also made English the teaching language for all subjects. Dr. Bradshaw’s efforts to upgrade the academic standard of the College further led him to prepare a number of students to acquire their Certificates of ‘Proficiency in Religious Knowledge’ from London University.
Rev. David Bowen, principal from 1964 to 1967, took the academic development of the College even further when he introduced Hebrew and Systematic Theology into the curriculum. In the effort to improve the College library, Rev. David Bowen was able to obtain from the Theological Education Fund (TEF) a number of books, which added significantly to the collection. His wife, Gerda, in 1964 founded the first Early Childhood Institution in Samoa.
Upon the expiry of Rev. David Bowen’s term of office, the administration of the College was handed over to Samoan ministers who also were College graduates. The significance of this change of leadership for the Samoan people was profound, as the change of leadership in 1967 was a signal that the College had come of age. Rev. Mila Sapolu was the first Samoan Principal of the College.
On the 24th of September 1994, the Congregational Christian Church Samoa commemorated with pride and thanksgiving one hundred and fifty years since the founding of the College. Reflecting on the events of the commemoration, a former student of the College observed that the celebration ended with a clear affirmation of the importance of theological education in Samoa, and the greater role that the College would play in it. Indeed the essential nature of the College as inscribed in its vision shall remain, ‘For Jesus and His Church’, and there must be a continuing commitment to the progressive development of its academic programme as well.
By resolution of the General Assembly of the Church in May 1996, the proposal for the degree programme was given formal approval. The implementation of this programme has become the responsibility of Rev. Prof. Otele Perelini. After extensive planning and organisation, the degree programme began in 1997. Also by the authority of the General Assembly of the Congregational Christian Church Samoa, the College is empowered to award diplomas and confer degrees as follows:

      • Diploma of Theology
      • Bachelor of Theology
      • Bachelor of Divinity with Honours

Board of Malua

This is the Executive and Advisory Body which oversees the management of MTC.  As a sub-Committee of the Elders’ Committee, the Board is thus under the authority of and accountable to the former, but with some degree of independent responsibility for the running of the College.

The functions of the Board include:

The implementation of all matters which, in its opinion, are conducive to and necessary for the development of the College; and

  • The appointment of the Vice-Principal of the College; and
  • The selection and appointment, or, if required the termination of the employment of lecturers of the College; and
  • The preparation of the annual budget for the College for submission to the Elders’ Committee for confirmation and presentation to the Finance Committee for action; and
  • In cases of urgent or unforeseen College financial requirements, the Board has the authority to refer them directly to the Finance Committee for appropriate action; and
  • The preparation and submission of reports on the Board’s own work to the Elders’ Committee, and through the latter to the General Assembly.

Membership of the Board includes the Officers of the Elders’ Committee, all members of the Ministerial sub-Committee (a sub-committee of the preceding body), the Officers of the CCCS General Assembly and the Principal of the College.

Rev Tavita Anesone FT Chairman of the Board, Faleata
Rev Iosefa Uilelea FT Secretary of the Board, Lotofaga/ Lepā/ Aleipata 
Rev Amuia Seuala FTItū o Tane
Rev Asotasi Gu Time FTApia i Sasa’e
Rev Aviti Etuale FTVitoria
Rev Fili Matalavea FTMalua
Rev Ailepata Leuta FTA’ana
Rev Iosefa Tui FT Hawaii
Rev Lauie Lupematasila FTKuiniselani
Rev Leaso Tupa’i FTFa’asalelea’ga
Rev Pouniu Faamausili FTAukilani
Rev Makerusa Porotesano FT MDiv (Fuller), MA (Biola Uni), MTh (PTC)Amerika
Rev Malifa Malifa FT BA (Victoria), BD (Otago), MTh (Sydney)Niusauelese
Rev Simeona Taefu FTNiusauelese Sisifo
Rev Siolo Tauati FT BD (PTC)Apia
Rev Tauaaga Mataafa  FTKuiniselani i Saute
Rev Silo’a Lologa FTManukau
Rev Tumamā Vili FT BD (PTC)Niu Sila i Saute
Rev Tunumoso Iosia FTCCCS Chairman of the General Assembly, Falealili/ Siumu/ Safata
Rev Iosefa Uilelea FT *CCCS Vice Chairman of the General Assembly,  Lotofaga/ Lepā/ Aleipata
Rev Vāvātau Taufao BSc (Adelaide), MSc (Auckland)CCCS General Secretary
Rev Rimoni S. Wright Dip. in Accounting (NUS), CPA, CA (Samoa Institute of Accountants), BD (MTC)CCCS Treasurer
Rev Ma’afala Limā BD (PTC), ThM (Princeton)Principal of Malua Theological College
* The current Vice Chairman of the General Assembly will take over as Chairman at the completion of the 2020 General Assembly in May. A Vice Chairman will then be elected during the 2020 General Assembly in May, in accordance with the Church’s Constitution.


Year 1

1Alexander Pelesala BBus 
2Beretia Unnang ** 
3Brian AnaeLiuasi BA
4Elisara Isaako * 
5Elise Fuimaono BTh 
6Esera Tufuga  
7Eucharist Faatau 
8Falefiaoalii UlugiaAgalelei
9Fiaalii MafuoloAlovale
10Filipi LeapaiUpolu
11Isaako Tunumoso 
12Laifaga Leulu LaifagaManutagi
13Laupama LefaoseuAnaett
14Lotufaamanatu MasoeEmma
15Malaeloa ToleafoaFaasalu
16Maluapapa Niulesa 
17Matelili TautalagiaToeseanuupotopoto BA
18Michael PoutasiNevada
19Nili Aloi 
20Periti Tauapai 
21Sailimalo Umalau 
22Saleaula Reti BEdMoevasa BA
23Semi SititiFuapepe BPsych
24Shalom Pulu 
25Soloi KeilaniTutogi
26Solomona TiniJosephine
27Sonny Satiu 
28Sulufaiga SamasoniGeorgina
29Taumaloto Salevao BScJosephine
30Teratabu Takaria ** 
31Vaafuti Alauni BEAgneta Catherine
 *  Scholarship students from Ekalesia Fa’apotopotoga Kerisiano Tokelau           **  Scholarship students from Kiribati Uniting Church

Year 2

 Bachelor of Divinity with Honours
1Fa’afetai Koria BAJeddah BA
2Hobert Sasa MScITPepe
3Laau Tanielu BAppTechFaalaniga LLB
4Limuaa Fu’e PGDipSStKate BEd
5Pelenato Liufau BA, MASusana BA
 Bachelor of Theology 
6Apelu IsaiaCrystal
7Collin FaletoeseAifala
8Fa’afoi AtonioTulaga
9Fraser Tauaivale 
10Gaolo ElisaraShirley
11Joshua LeatigagaAtaata
12Maotua UpulasiOlivia
13Matthew TagaloaValma BMus
14Mika Su’esu’eTaliilagi
15Oata LeiatauaTuafale
16Otele VaaiRerepairere
17Paul Mulitalo 
18Peoni S Lapana *Sela
19Russel Leautulī 
20Sa UtaiaanaSilau
21Vite KalepoFerite
 Diploma of Theology 
22Falevaai Ah Kuoi 
23Filifili Malifa 
24Ioane Vaiao 
25Lafoga Moelau * 
26Pio Galo **Taeamo
27Tefiliga Fotu ** 
 *  Scholarship students from Ekalesia Fa’apotopotoga  Kerisiano Tokelau
**  Scholarship students from Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu

Year 3

 Bachelor of Divinity with Honours
1Dominic Taeleipu BSc 
2Isaako Iose BA, LLB 
3Kapeni Matautia BScRenolla BA
4Lancelotte Alaimoana BNNaomi
5Loia Fiu BArchEasterakesa
6Peni Manila BEdFlorence
7Sekuini Fiavaai BSocSci 
8Tavita Reupena PGCertHMLogosao
 Bachelor of Theology 
9Ailepata LeutaLautele
10Aunese AnauFiona BA (Hons)
11Fa’afetai Nepo 
12Iafeta Iese Vaopuka * 
13Ioane Samuelu 
14Kereveta TiumaluFaanaitaua
15Konelio TaumalotoIota
16Laveai F Sene 
17Metusela IoaneAvei
18Navy LuatuaAmiaifolau
19Nepo AnaeFuifui BA
20Niutuiatua OnesemoCecilia
21Paie Tapulegalo 
22Penehuro LilomaiavaFeagiai
23Tafatolu Tapaleao 
24Vaueā EsauSusie
25Visesio LeiluaFaapenu
 *  Scholarship students from Ekalesia Fa’apotopotoga  Kerisiano Tokelau

Year 4

 Bachelor of Divinity with Honours
1Falepau Tuiluga BItCaroline BA
2Fenika Faalave BAAmelia
3Fetu Fetu BComIlaisa
4Meafou Ah Ching BASapiai
5Paulo Sepuloni BCom 
 Bachelor of Theology 
6Anesone Anesone 
7David MafuaLeah
8Emani TevagaNaitosara
9 Ken Titi *Temisa
10 Ketty IulepiVetta
11Luulau TaulagiFaauiga
12Maka Galuega * 
13Mauola TaitoRona
14 Moeava Mausali ** 
15Nuufaigata PeleiupuLaalaai
16Peniamina Toailoa 
17Salevao LeoneFaaeafaleupolu
18Sinapati Sone Aomalū
19Tafatolu BentleyEmelia BEd
20Tiafau VaegaLucy
 Diploma of Theology 
21 Asoiva SaofaiMay
22Peniata Laulau **Gloria
23Talolua SaiaNessa
*Scholarship students from Ekalesia Fa’apotopotoga Kerisiano Tokelau 
**Scholarship students from Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu 

Others: Returning Students - BD Honours


Geoffrey Fuimaono DipTh (MTC)


Tau Faapoi DipTh (MTC)

The above students are graduates of Malua Theological College. They have been admitted to the Bachelor of Divinity with Honours programme in accordance with the Admission Rules and Procedures as laid down by the Faculty. 

Student Association

All resident students and their wives are members of the MTC Student Association presided over by a President and a Secretary, elected annually by the Principal and members of the Faculty. The Association’s main objective is to build positive mutual relationships for the spiritual, academic and general welfare of its members. 

The student association provides an avenue for all students and wives to discuss and address issues for improvement on student welfare issues. It also provides social and leisure activities for the student body and community.

Accordingly, the Association through its officers can communicate at any time and make suggestions to the Principal and/or Faculty concerning the welfare and interests of the student body.

Acknowledgments for the 145th College Prize-Giving

Malua Theological College acknowledges with gratitude the following Prizes and Donors for its 145th Prize Giving in 2019

Year One 
Leaso & Faafetai Tupa’i PrizeLeaso & Faafetai Tupa’iTheology Courses 
Lila Manase Sapolu Memorial PrizePanamā & Herema PouonoOld Testament Courses 
Angharad Saga & Fanau PrizeAngharad SagaNew Testament Courses 
Niulala & Loretta Kupa PrizeNiulala & Loretta Kupa History Courses 
Sinaupualofa Foundation Trust PrizeSinaupualofa  Foundation TrustPractical Theology Courses 
Michiko Ete-Limā PrizeMichiko Ete-Limā PrizeHandicrafts 
Year Two   
Faletagaloa & Fitiuta Tavita Memorial PrizeSeumaninoa & Neda PuainaTheology Courses 
Kuinimeri Tamati PrizeKuinimeri Tamati & FanauHistory Courses 
Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegePractical Theology Courses 
Torise Neemia PrizeMakesi & Torise NeemiaOld Testament Courses 
Seumaninoa & Neda Puaina PrizeSeumaninoa & Neda PuainaNew Testament Courses 
Mafutaga MTC PrizeMafutaga MTCHandicrafts 
Year Three   
Keilani & Mere Tagoa’i Memorial PrizeMelani & Ailini KeilaniHistory Courses 
Mile Nofoaiga PrizeVaitusi & Mile NofoaigaNew Testament Courses 
Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeOld Testament Courses 
Ekalesia PIPC Papakura PrizeEkalesia PIPC PapakuraPractical Theology Courses 
Maafala Limā PrizeMaafala LimāTheology Courses 
Tauvela Su’a PrizeTauvela Su’aHandicrafts 
Year Four   
T. S & S. C PrizeMalifa & Sitaua MalifaOld Testament Courses 
Maria Samuelu PrizeMaria SamueluTheology Courses 
Fuarosa Maulolo PrizeFuarosa MauloloPractical Theology Courses 
Iosefa & Teki Uilelea PrizeIosefa & Teki UileleaHistory Courses 
Rita Eteuati PrizeRita EteuatiNew Testament Courses 
Lalokava Limā PrizeLalokava Limā TuisugaHandicrafts 
Special Prize   
Rita Eteuati Prize                                      Rita EteuatiMost Improved in Handicrafts 
Year One   
Faamoana Memorial PrizeAlo & FanauIntroduction to the Old Testament 
Uili & Letupu Seaga Memorial Prize                                 Afereti & Samata UiliHebrew Language I & II 
Tiupita & Mane Leiataua Memorial Prize                         Punaoleola Mua’itauIntroduction to the New Testament 
Leao Brown Memorial Prize                                              Siaki BrownGreek Language 
Tuuau & Gogosina Sao Memorial Prize                                               Alo & FanauEarly Church History I & II 
Faigame & Iolesina Tagoilelagi Memorial Prize               Alo & FanauIntroduction to Theology I & II 
Reupena & Fuarosa Maulolo PrizeReupena & Fuarosa MauloloFoundations of Practical Theology 
Levesi Afutiti Memorial Prize                                            Sala Afutiti & FanauBiblical Criticism I 
Maotā Papalii Sa’u Memorial PrizeTorise Neemia & FanauAcademic Skills 
Karanita & Elena Petaia PrizeKaranita & Elena PetaiaHomiletics 
Year Two   
Ioritana Tanielu Prize                                                         Ioritana TanieluReformationBD-Hons
Aviti & Sa Etuale Prize                                                      Aviti & Sa Etuale BTh
   No Diploma
Aviti & Sa Etuale Prize                                                      Aviti & Sa EtualePietism & RevivalsBD-Hons
Samuelu Tuiai PrizeSamuelu Tuiai BTh
   No Diploma
Sinaupualofa Foundation Trust PrizeSinaupualofa Foundation TrustChristologyBD-Hons
Tema & Olita Koria Memorial Prize                                 Alo & Fanau BTh
   No Diploma
Tuliaupupu & Talaetau Limā Pala Memorial PrizeMaafala & Lalokava LimāTrinityBD-Hons
Mila & Faailoa Sapolu Memorial PrizeMila & Florida Sapolu Jr BTh
   No Diploma
Milo Faaleava Memorial PrizeTalamasinei Faaleava & FanauStudy of the TorahBD-Hons
Peniamina Aumagamanaia Memorial PrizeSieni Aumagamanaia & Fanau BTh
   No Diploma
Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeStudy of the Synoptic GospelsBD-Hons
Aputi Tiupita Memorial Prize                                      Punaoleola Mua’itau BTh
   No Diploma
Maiava & Lepisi Valusu’i Lāsoo Memorial Prize              Maafala & Lalokava LimāStudy of Pauline LettersBD-Hons
Mafutaga Tagata LMS Prize                                              Mafutaga Tagata LMS BTh
   No Diploma
Tavita & Lupe Anesone Prize                                            Tavita & Lupe AnesonePastoral Care & CounsellingBD-Hons
Fosi, Latai Pala’amo & Fanau: Rowena, Norman, Papatiso Memorial PrizePesi Pala’amo & Fanau BTh
   No Diploma
Nomeneta Sopoaga Memorial PrizeLili Sopoaga & FanauChristian WorshipBD-Hons
Fiu & Vaimoana Kolia Memorial Prize                             Kolia & Sootuli Kolia BTh
   No Diploma
Eperone & Mafa FutiEperone & Mafa FutiBiblical Criticism IIBD-Hons
Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological College BTh
   No Diploma
Sam & Sapi Amosa PrizeSam & Sapi AmosaHebrew ReadingBD-Hons & BTh
Vaitusi & Mile Nofoaiga PrizeVaitusi & Mile NofoaigaGreek ReadingBD-Hons & BTh
Malua Theological College Prize Theological HermeneuticsBD-Hons & BTh
Tunupopo & Sefulu Pātū PrizeTunupopo & Sefulu PātūGospel & CultureBD-Hons & BTh
Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeGospel of JohnBD-Hons & BTh
Enoka & Susi Aperaamo PrizeEnoka & Susi AperaamoStudying a Synoptic Gospel: MarkBD-Hons & BTh
Nomeneta Sopoaga Memorial PrizeLili Sopoaga & FanauCongregationalismBD-Hons & BTh
Malua Theological College Prize EcumenismBD-Hons & BTh
Vaimaila Fiu Kolia Memorial PrizeBrian & Tanaria KoliaOld Testament & EcologyBD-Hons & BTh
Liki & Losi Fea Memorial PrizeAsenati Chan TungIntroduction to Old Testament ThemesBD-Hons & BTh
Sam & Sapi Amosa PrizeSam & Sapi AmosaHermeneutics & Practical TheologyBD-Hons & BTh
Leatisolomua Pio & Se’ifua Memorial PrizeBrian & Tanaria KoliaWorship & LiturgyBD-Hons & BTh
Filemoni & Alofa Crawley PrizeFilemoni & Alofa CrawleyLeadership & Management in MinistryBD-Hons & BTh
Malua Theological College Prize Sermon ClassALL 3
[Faamatala & Malaē Aseta Memorial Prize][Malutafa & Josephine Faalili & Fanau][The Book of Psalms][course not offered 2019]
Year Three   
Faitala Talapusi Memorial Prize                                        Tausala Talapusi & FanauEcclesiology (trophy included)BD-Hons
Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological College BTh
Vagatai & Lusia Vaaelua PrizeVagatai & Lusia Vaaelua Dip
Faitala Talapusi Memorial PrizeTausala Talapusi & FanauPatristicsBD-Hons
Mafutaga Tagata LMS PrizeMafutaga Tagata LMS BTh
Iosia & Orepa Evile PrizeAlo & Fanau Dip
Fiu & Faiupu Samuela-Gibbons Memorial Prize              Alo & FanauChristian EducationBD-Hons
Foma’i Lafaialii Memorial Prize                                       Fausagafou Lafaialii & Fanau BTh
Vagatai & Lusia Vaaelua PrizeVagatai & Lusia Vaaelua Dip
Sale Autagavaia Memorial Prize  Meresereisa Autagavaia & FanauPastoral Field Work Education      BD-Hons
Ioritana Tanielu PrizeIoritana Tanielu BTh
Filemoni & Alofa Crawley PrizeFilemoni & Alofa Crawley Dip
Eti Tamati Memorial PrizeKuinimeri Tamati & FanauJewish LiteratureBD-Hons
Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological College BTh
Keilani & Mere Tagoa’i Memorial PrizeMelani & Ailini Keilani Dip
Viliamu & Vaotuua Leilua PrizeViliamu & Vaotuua LeiluaStudy of Revelation BD-Hons
Alesana & Rita Eteuati Prize                                              Alesana & Rita Eteuati BTh
Keti & Moevanu Magalo Memorial PrizeTuto’atasi & Fetū To’alima Dip
Seumaninoa & Neda Puaina PrizeSeumaninoa & Neda PuainaGreek ReadingBD-Hons & BTh
Eperone & Mafa Futi PrizeEperone & Mafa FutiStudy of the WritingsBD-Hons
Malua Theological College Prize  BTh
Malua Theological College Prize  Dip
Leaso & Faafetai Tupa’i PrizeLeaso & Faafetai Tupa’iStudy of the ProphetsBD-Hons
Liki & Eseta Tiatia PrizeApela & Jesillia Ah Him BTh
Karanita & Elena Petaia PrizeKaranita & Elena Petaia Dip
Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeHebrew ReadingBD-Hons & BTh
Uilelea & Lalago Memorial PrizeAlo & FanauPacific ChristianityBD-Hons
Vavae & Avai’a Toma Memorial PrizeVisesio & Angharad Saga BTh
Saveatama Panamā &Pesega Pouono Memorial PrizePanamā & Herema Pouono Dip
Eti Tamati Memorial PrizeKuinimeri Tamati & FanauSamoan ChristianityBD-Hons
Kenape & Faavaoavaituutuu Faletoese Memorial Prize    Alo & Fanau BTh
Faitala Talapusi Memorial Prize                                        Tausala Talapusi & FanauEcclesiology (trophy included)BD-Hons
Year Four   
Oka & Sooletaua Fauolo Memorial PrizeAlo & FanauMinistry in a Changing SocietyBD-Hons
Simeona & Alofa Taefu Prize                                            Simeona & Alofa Taefu BTh
Tavita & Lupe Anesone PrizeTavita & Lupe Anesone Dip
Kenape & Faavaoavaituutuu Faletoese Memorial Prize    Alo & FanauDeuteronomistic History  (trophy)BD-Hons
Pouniu & Aniva Faamausili Prize                                      Pouniu & Aniva Faamausili BTh
Samasoni & Malavai Alama PrizeSamasoni & Malavai Alama Dip
Paulo & Uputuu Koria Prize                                           Paulo & Uputuu KoriaWorld ReligionsBD-Hons
Lemalu Ropati Iputau Seuseu Memorial PrizeImoamaua & Amelia Setefano & Fanau BTh
Iosia & Orepa Evile PrizeIosia & Orepa Evile Dip
Risatisone Ete PrizeRisatisone EteContextual TheologiesBD-Hons
Rev Elder Frank Togafau Memorial PrizeSota Togafau & Fanau BTh
Sinaupualofa Foundation Trust PrizeSinaupualofa Foundation Trust Dip
Tuipoloa Samuelu Memorial Prize                                     Olive & Maria SamueluEthicsBD-Hons
Niulala & Loretta Kupa PrizeNiulala & Loretta Kupa BTh
Faatulituli & Meripa Setu PrizeFaatulituli & Meripa SetuSamoan (LMS) Mission in the Pacific       BD-Hons
Sanivā Ng Shiu Memorial Prize                                         Ruta Ng Shiu & Fanau BTh
Kolia & Sootuli Kolia PrizeKolia & Sootuli Kolia Dip
Imo & Faatonu Mamoe Memorial PrizeAlo & FanauHistory of the CCCS-(1962-present)BD-Hons & BTh
Siitia & Malele Asi Memorial PrizeAlo & FanauNew Testament ThemesBD-Hons
Tautua & Naomi Aurelio Prize                                           Tautua & Naomi Aurelio BTh
Faitele Leulua’ialii Memorial PrizeBrian & Tanaria Kolia Dip
Vaitusi & Mile Nofoaiga PrizeVaitusi & Mile NofoaigaStudying a Letter of Paul: 1 CorinthiansBD-Hons & BTh
Te’o Eteuati Memorial PrizeAlesana & Rita EteuatiStudying a Jewish Writings: JamesBD-Hons & BTh
Vaitusi & Mile Nofoaiga PrizeVaitusi & Mile NofoaigaGreek ReadingBD-Hons & BTh
T. S & S. C PrizeMalifa & Sitaua MalifaHebrew ReadingBD-Hons & BTh
Siolo & Merita Tauati PrizeSiolo & Merita TauatiChronistic HistoryBD-Hons & BTh
Moreli Alama Memorial PrizeSamasoni & Malavai Alama Dip
Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeHistory of IsraelBD-Hons & BTh
Sinaupualofa Foundation Trust PrizeSinaupualofa Foundation TrustPacific TheologyBD-Hons & BTh
Filemoni & Alofa CrawleyFilemoni & Alofa CrawleySocial AnalysisBD-Hons & BTh
Talia & Feiloaiga Tapaleao PrizeTalia & Feiloaiga TapaleaoTusiga a le Kolisi/College ThesisBD-Hons
Tautua & Naomi Aurelio Prize                                           Tautua & Naomi Aurelio BTh
Kirisimasi & Meresereisa Amosa Memorial Prize                          Punaoleola Mua’itauA’oa’o alualu i luma le Taumafai 
Senetenari Toese Peleti Toailoa Prize (Faletua)Senetenari Toese Peleti ToailoaFaletua Galue Lelei & Tausaafia 
Sarasopa & Aitaua Enari Memorial PrizeAlo & FanauA’oa’o Best All Round 
Kenape Tuuu Faletoese Memorial Prize                            Alo & FanauLauga a Faaiuaso 
Lalokava Limā PrizeLalokava LimāTausaga 1: Faletua 
Seuamuli Tā’ele Sapiō Tooala &late Vaoiva Tooala Prize                                     Seuamuli Tā’ele Sapiō TooalaTausaga 1: A’oa’o 
Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeTausaga 2: Faletua 
Faauliuli Fealofani Limā Memorial Prize                          Peletisala & Michiko LimāTausaga 2: A’oa’o                        Dip
Seumanufagai Autagavaia Filo Memorial PrizeLalotoa Filo & Fanau BTh
Fiamalua (FFA) Memorial PrizeMana Lauina & Fanau BD-Hons
Samata Uili PrizeSamata UiliTausaga 3: Faletua 
Muao & Tauvela Fagasua  PrizeMuao & Tauvela FagasuaTausaga 3: A’oa’o                 Dip
Paul & Taualogomai Gray PrizePaul & Taualogomai Gray BTh
Oka & Sooletaua Fauolo Memorial PrizeAlo & Fanau BD-Hons
Eseta Sapolu Tiatia PrizeLiki & Eseta TiatiaTausaga 4: Faletua 
Maafala & Lalokava LimāMaafala & Lalokava LimāTausaga 4: A’oa’o       Dip
Sili & Malaea Perelini Memorial Prize                              Alo & Fanau BTh
Setefano Memorial Prize                                                    Leti Setefano & Fanau BD-Hons