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Womens Programme

In designing the Women’s Programme, the College is committed to the practical and theological training of students' wives.  Mindful of and guided by the principle of ‘partnership in mission,’ the College accepts this as currently the most appropriate model of the ministry of the Congregational Christian Church Samoa, both in Samoa and overseas.  The overriding aim of the Women’s Programme is:

(i)   to assist women to grow and develop as persons; and

(ii) to create an awareness and appreciation of themselves as partners with their husbands in the ministry; and

(iii) to see themselves and their husbands as equal and complementary partners in the mission field.

Common worship is held every Thursday evening.  This is also an important occasion for the women to share their experiences and discuss matters pertaining to the life of women in the College. 

As intelligent, responsible, and creative people, women of the College undoubtedly have made and will continue to make a remarkably significant and positive contributions to the ministry of the Church and the welfare of society. 



In addition to and complementing the practical training provided by the Women’s Programme, the College is also committed to the theological education of students' wives.  Affirming the principle of ‘partnership in mission,’ the aim is to provide quality theological education that recognizes, nurtures, engages, and develops the creative intellectual potential of students' wives. 

As part of the ongoing development of the College, this hope has become a reality now with the launching of the Malua Bible School in 2007.  Fully endorsed by the Congregational Christian Church Samoa, the Malua Bible School offers a programme of study towards a Certificate in Theological Studies or a Diploma in Theological Studies for the prospective student.  

Students’ wives are now full participants in the academic programmes of the Malua Bible School, taking a range of courses in the four basic areas of theological education: Biblical Studies, Theology, Church History, and Practical Theology. 

These four areas of study should equip women to -  

  • become familiar with Christian Scriptures as a basic foundation for creative theological thinking and an innovative spirituality for ministry in the Church;
  • prepare a syllabus or manual for instruction in Christian education; 
  • engage contemporary issues and realities of church ministry, developing a clear view of their potential roles and contributions in the church ministries awaiting them.

As with any new venture, the theological education of students’ wives at the Malua Bible School not only brings with it a hope, but also a challenges, for the future. 

(For more information about the Malua Bible School, consult the Malua Bible School Handbook)

In addition to the Malua Bible School, the College continues its commitment to the principles of equity and equal opportunity by encouraging students’ wives to attend its courses.

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