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Representatives from the Uniting Church of Australia visit Malua

On Wednesday 16th March, Malua received a visit by Representatives of the Uniting Church of Australia who were in Samoa for a week, to hold discussions and deliberations with the Head Office of the Congregational Christian Church Samoa at Tamaligi. Our guests on this day included Mr Bruce Mullan, the Associate Director Church Solidarity (Pacific) Uniting Church of Australia. Discussions included ways in how the Uniting Church of Australia could work together in partnership with the CCCS within the Pacific region, for the Glory of God and His Ministry. The visit to Malua was for the purpose of witnessing the theological seminary of the CCCS, and to discuss with its Principal Rev Dr Afereti S. Uili and members of the Faculty, ways how both the college and the Uniting Church of Australia  can work together on many fronts.



L-R Mrs Taumua Toma, Rev Dr Afereti Uili, Mr Bruce Mullan,

Mrs Margaret Prentice, Rev Dr Geoff Prentice, MrTiafaaofo Gatoloai.


The travelling party also included Rev Dr Geoff Prentice and Mrs Margaret Prentice, who were in Samoa to assist in the establishment and implementation of the inaugural Counselling Centre of the CCCS at its Head Office at Tamaligi. Rev Dr Prentice has revealed that a close partnership between both the newly setup Counselling Centre and the college (especially the Practical Theology department) is needed, in order to effectively offer this vital service to the people of Samoa. Indeed a service in high demand at present, given the many social issues and injustices that have permeated Samoa of late.


A fourth member of the travelling party held discussions with the Finance department of the CCCS on this day, Mr Mark Edmonds of the Uniting Church of Australia Relief and Development Office. Mrs Taumua Toma (Mission Office, CCCS) and Mr Tiafaaofo Gatoloai (Counselling Centre, CCCS), accompanied our travelling guests to the college, and following light refreshments, departed for other commitments later that day. A positive direction indeed for the college, to be closely affiliated with the Uniting Church of Australia, in working towards a common goal for the Glory of God and His Redemptive work in the Pacific region.