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An essential part of students’ introduction to College life is Orientation Week.  The orientation programme for both new and returning students includes a number of activities that are invaluable to all students at the College.  They include discussions between students and staff on such important issues as the role of the College and behaviour expected of all College students. An Orientation tour of the library for new students is held.

The College considers Orientation week an important part of the academic year, and new students will especially benefit from it.  Returning students and staff will be on hand to provide information on all aspects of College life.


All members of the College are expected to maintain a high standard of moral behaviour as laid down by the Elders’ Committee.


One of the significant responsibility of the women of the College is the daily operation of the Malua Pre-School. Situated on campus, the Centre, which is open from 8.00 am to 12.00 pm (Monday to Friday), cares for children from three to five years of age. This is run by qualified teachers who are members of the Malua Community.


Outdoor facilities include a rugby playing field.  There is a cricket field, two volleyball courts, and a walking track that encircles the College.  Students are free to use all these facilities from Monday to Saturday, normally between 5.00 and 6.30 pm, except on Thursday which is the College’s official sports day when the games begin at 1.00 pm.

Games for both men and women include touch rugby, soccer, cricket, volleyball and basketball.  In August 1996 the construction of two new tennis courts was completed.  The use of the tennis courts is open to student and staff members of the College.


All student residents in the College are members of the Student Association presided over by a President and a Secretary, elected annually by the Principal and members of the Faculty.

The Association’s major concern is for the spiritual, academic and general welfare of its members.  Accordingly, the Association through its officers designate, may make representations to the Faculty concerning the welfare and interests of its members.


The main channel of communication from the Faculty to the students on campus are the Notice Boards in the main College Hall and the Library.  Students are encouraged to consult these Notice Boards frequently throughout the year for information on such matters as timetable changes for classes and the examination timetable for each term.  Students are free to display notices on these notice boards.


The Principal and members of staff are available at any time for consultation and counselling.  Students and wives are encouraged to seek help when needed.  All matters will be treated confidentially.


The Chapel is used as a lecture room during classes, however, it will also be available for single students’ evening worship and private meditations.


The Canteen provides most of the basic goods for students and staff.  Commodities are sold at a cheaper rate than ordinary retail stores.  Credit purchases are also available on strict terms.  Please consult the canteen notices concerning opening times.

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