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College Publications

The College issues its Newsletter, I’uleo o le Maluapapa (The Echo of the Rock-Founded Malua), twice a year. Written mostly in the Samoan language and a few in English, the newsletter is for the most part informative about events and activities in the life and work of the College.

Annually, the first issue is available during the General Assembly of the Church in May, and a second journal is issued again during the College Graduation in December.

Additional to the Maluapapa, the College recently published her first and second issue of the Malua Journal series. First published in 1st May 2013, the Malua Journal is not a recent spike in determination to expose theological insights of the Bible via a journal series. But it has been a dream for some time by past and current Faculty to compile a Journal containing biblical and theological interpretations that will enlighten or provide alternative perceptions of biblical readings relative to our own context. For a while, only a few members of the Church were privileged to such readings during the General Assembly (mid year), and the annual Minister's Renewal Fellowship later in the year. Now, with the Malua Journal, the goal to reach all EFKS members and non-members is much more gratifying and satisfying from the College's point of view.

However, unlike the Maluapapa which is freely available to download on our website, to get a copy of the Malua Journal for a small cost, please email or call +685 42303 for further information.

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