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Talofa lava,
Greetings in the Name of Christ!

Malua Theological College has begun its academic year for 2019. Our community has welcomed an intake of new students, returning students, newly-married student wives, and the newest member to the Faculty of Malua, Melepone & Tupe Isara and their children. The Board of Malua opened the year for the college in leading its worship together with the Sacrament of Holy Communion. The opening service was followed by a communal meal for the Elder ministers, parish ministers, their wives, and family and friends of Malua.

This year is filled with many activities, conferences, the Fono Tele
(General Assembly of the church), Mafutaga Fa'afouina a Faifeau (Ministers' Renewal Fellowship), together with the usual terms of study, understanding, and reflecting upon the Holy Scriptures, theology, doctrines, church history, and church practices. Spiritual formation for students and their wives will also include preaching schedules on campus, at public venues such as Fugalei Markets, Motootua hospital, Tafaigata prison, together with field work placements at selected parishes of the church in Samoa. Students and their wives will also visit venues such as Mapuifagalele Home for the Aged throughout the year. Faculty members will also be involved with presenting research findings at conferences both locally, as well as at different scholarly gatherings around the region and the world. 
Also, O le Fale Iupeli will be host to the Malua Bible School graduation this year. A trip across to American Samoa will continue a long-standing united partnership in the Fellowship of Theological Colleges-Kanana Fou, Piula, and Malua. These are just some of the exciting events that Malua will partake in for 2019.

God's blessings upon us all for the year ahead.

All praise and honour be unto God who has called us as His servants.

Fa'afetai, ma ia manuia i le agalelei mai o le Atua!
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