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Talofa lava,
Greetings in the Name of Christ!


Malua Theological College is now into Term 2 of its academic year for 2019. This year already has been filled with many activities including the Fono Tele (General Assembly of the church), and Mafutaga a le Usoga - Fellowship with Kanana Fou Seminary and Piula Theological College at Kanana Fou in American Samoa. The year has also seen the inaugural graduation in the Fale Iupeli of the Malua Bible School for 2019. These significant and important events for the church and the college are in addition to the usual first Term of study of the Holy Scriptures, theology, doctrines, church history, and church practices. Spiritual formation for students and their wives have included preaching schedules on campus, at public venues such as the Fugalei Market, and visitations to the National hospital at Motootua. In addition, field work placements at selected parishes of the church in Samoa will exposure students and their wives to real-life conditions of church ministry today. Term 3 will include visitations to venues such as Mapuifagalele Home for the Aged, and the newly opened Samoa National prison at Tanumalala. Faculty members have also been involved this year with presenting research findings at conferences such as the Fono Tele, the Oceania Biblical Studies Association (OBSA) in Fiji, as well as contributions at the recent Gender Equality Theology curriculum design gathering for theological colleges of the Pacific region. The usual Ministers' Renewal Fellowship (Mafutaga Fa'afouina) at Malua in August will bring events for this term to a close.

All praise and honour to God for the year Malua has enjoyed thus far. May God's blessings be with us all for the remaining half of this year.

God bless!
Fa'amanuia tele le Atua!
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